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Devotions for little hearts
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Christian - Children: Devotionals

Christian - Children  -  Devotionals
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The 50 devotions in Devotions for Little Hearts are inspired by nature and draw children's attention on seeing and experiencing God all around them - in every rainbow, flower, insect, raindrop and ray of sunshine. Children's spiritual growth is also further stimulated by something to think about, a prayer, Scripture verse and an activity. In this way they will learn from an early age that whatever the Bible teaches them, they should apply in their everyday lives. A hidden mouse in every illustration is fun, interactive and develops concentration skills. Devotions for Little Hearts will help little ones to discover and appreciate God's wonderful world every day. This colorful book is indispensable in any child's development as they grow closer to their Creator.
Publikasiedatum: 2015-08-01
The Bible in 366 days for guys
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Christian - Children: Devotionals

Christian - Children  -  Devotionals
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Introducing the latest additions to The Bible in 366 Days range.

The devotions in THE BIBLE IN 366 DAYS FOR GIRLS and THE BIBLE IN 366 DAYS FOR GUYS have been specially written by Carolyn Larsen for boys and girls aged 8 to 12.

The 366 key Scripture passages from the Bible are accompanied by a short, yet powerful message for each day to reinforce what they learned.

Young readers can walk through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and realize that God's Word has a special message for them each day.

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Publikasiedatum: 2013-06-01
Creepy Crawly Creatures
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Christian - Children: Devotionals

Christian - Children  -  Devotionals
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Children love the outdoors and have a natural interest in nature. Hennie Stander uses this as a starting point to teach children about God and the Bible.
Each devotion uses an example from nature to teach a specific lesson. Ants, eagles, snakes, bees, scorpions, fish and camels all get their moment on stage to teach and delight the child, with colourful and humorous illustrations that accompany each lesson.
Publikasiedatum: 2011-04-01

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